infinity news

03/06/2017: Hargett scheduled to attend rJG training

Eli Hargett is scheduled to attend the RJG Master Molder training in May of this year. This extensive training will be held at one of several RJG facilities.

03/03/2017: Celebration for Susan Goodman

The employees of Infinity bid farewell and best wishes to a long time friend and employee, Susan Goodman. Sue wraps up 30 years with Infinity to spend more time with family and her grandchildren. We wish her all the best and will miss her familiar face around our facility.

02/24/2017: ISO 14001 Audit Completed

We completed our ISO 14001 audit on 02/24/2017 and have been recommended for re-certification.

02/15/2017: Infinity exhibits at the Indiana Statehouse

Infinity Molding held an exhibit at the Indiana Statehouse on 02/15/2017. This was in conjunction with members of the Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Counci (IMDMC).

12/15/2016: Building Expansion Completed

Infinity just completed a 12,000 sq. ft. building expansion.  The increased space will be used for machine additions, shipping and raw material storage.  Climate controlled resin storage was identified as a necessity for us and this expansion will allow us to to store our resin in an air conditioned space.  This will also increase our space to stage truck load shipments while maintaining access to our finished goods inventory. 

12/10/2016: Company Christmas Party

Over 100 hundred employees and guests met in New Harmony, Indiana for our Christmas Party December 10,  Everyone enjoyed food, drink and dancing.  It was a great evening for everyone to enjoy themselves away from their daily company duties.

12/10/2016: Employee Service Awards

The following employees received their respective service awards in December:

05 Years:  Richard O'Neal, Sherry Koch, Dottie Glover, Thad Sexton, Jerry Schultz, Paula Carr
10 Years:  Lori Mann, Debra Barnett
20 Years:  Vicki Aud
30 Years:  Henry Walker, Susie Goodman, Mike Crews

Many thanks to all of you for your years of dedicated service!

10/04/2016: Infinity to be represented at IMDMC

Dave Kinsella, Infinity's Medical Business Development Manager, will be representing Infinity Molding at the annual meeting of the Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council on October 27th. Infinity is a member of IMDMC and is registered to display a table top exhibit at this annual meeting.

09/21/2016: It's looking more like a building! - new expansion

Key Construction has been busy raising steel framing and siding for the new addition. It is beginning to look a lot like a building now!

08/08/2016: We have concrete! - new expansion

Finally! We had enough consecutive dry weather that the construction crew could pour the concrete foundation/flooring. Once that has cured the appropriate amount of time, workers can begin putting up steel!

08/03/2016: Weather Delays - new expansion

It seems that Mother Nature does not want the new building expansion to proceed! Frequent heavy rains have caused several delays in getting the foundation poured so work can continue on the rest of the structure. Time for some continuous sunshine!

06/30/2016: Larry Goble, Director of Operations - Retirement Announced

During the morning meeting on 06/09/2016, long time employee, Larry Goble announced his plans to retire. Larry joined Infinity (formerly Mid American Plastics) on May 13, 1987. Durning his almost 30 years tenure, he filled various roles for the company, his last position being Director of Operations. His retirement became effective the end of business day 06/30/2016. We are eternally grateful for his years of dedicated service to the company and we wish him all the best in his retirement!

06/13/2016: ground breaking - new expansion

Ground has now been broken on the 12,000 sq. ft. expansion to our main facility. Plans are to be moved into the new space in late fall 2016.

06/06/2016: Equipment Additions

We have taken delivery of two new 90-ton, fully electric molding machines, as well as two of the three new robots that were ordered in March of this year.

05/31/2016: Employee Break Room / Restrooms renovation Completed

We have finished the complete renovation of our plant employee restrooms and breakroom floor resurfacing. This addressed several needs to make our employee areas on par with the new equipment we continue to bring into the facility.

05/31/2016: Clean Room Equipment Addition

We have now added a fully electric, 110-ton molding machine with servo robotics to our clean room facility. This machine will be used for work that does not require full clean room level specifications, but needs to be in a more sanitary environment than we can maintain in the main facility. This addition brings the total machine count in this facility to 4: 3 in the class 10,000 clean room enclosure and one outside the enclosure.

04/22/2016: Company Cookout

The Infinity staff held a cookout for all employees. Food was grilled on second shift Thursday night; third shift early Friday morning and at noon for first shift Friday. We were also joined by all the Board Members as well as former Infinity CEO Robert Carpenter for the noon meal on Friday.

03/28/2016: RJG Molding Workshop

RJG will be on site at Infinity the week of March 28th to hold a 3-day Molding Workshop for 8 of our technicians. This training is a commitment to improving our processing skills at Infinity.

03/23/2016: New equipment ordered

Infinity has just ordered 3 new molding machines from Toyo. The two 90-ton presses and the 150-ton press will be from the Toyo SI line and are all electric, servo-driven presses. Additionally, we have also ordered 3 Yushin double arm robots. The 150-ton press and one robot will be incorporated into a fully automatic, insert molding work cell.

03/21/2016: Recognition for American Flag Display

On March 21st, The General Thomas Posey Chapter of The Sons of the American Revolution recognized Infinity Molding as the most exemplary display of the American Flag in Posey County for 2016. One award is given every year for such a display in Posey County. Thanks to everyone that keeps our flag appropriately displayed on our property!

03/10/2016: Infinity receives approval for expansion

On March 10th, the Posey County Area Planning Commission unanimously approved Infinity's 12,000 square foot expansion slated for later this spring. The expansion was designed and will be built by Key Construction of Evansville, Indiana.